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Lampshade, pendant lamp, standing lamp – 12-ROMBO


The beauty of the geometric form is a feature of the unique lampshade 12-ROMBO. The body of the lamp is a rhombic dodecahedron, as the name suggests it consists of the same 12 rhombuses. It is possible to mount both hanging lampshades and floor lamps. The designer is Michał Siełacz, the founder of SIELACZ brand.


Product for self-assembly (12 parts). If you need a cable with a socket for the hanging version, please include this information when placing your order.


Standard height: 19 cm (Mini 12-ROMBO) other dimensions below.


Mini 12-ROMBO – height 19 cm (7 inches) | 12-ROMBO – height 23 cm (9 inches) Maxi 12-ROMBO – height 27 cm (11 inches)


Material: Waterproof, snow-white PP film (polypropylene)


The lampshades perfectly reflect the light color of the bulb, including the RGB color-changing bulb.


If your bulb emits a light that you find too yellow, for example, replace it with one that emits a light that suits you. There is a huge selection of LED bulbs on the market, from white light to yellow light, and multi-colored RGB controlled by remote control or smartphone app. The lampshade will always shine with the light of the currently screwed in bulb.


Lampshade adapted to E27 or E14 socket. We recommend LED bulb max. 60W with small flask on E27 thread.


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